Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Cake decorating takes a lot of planning...

World's greatest cake decorating takes a lot of planning, as you can imagine! Here I am putting layer by layer together - as the cake was so large the palette knife did not evenly spread the frosting too well, so I used a normal table knife instead, crude but effective.

I would like to know you if have any further tips or cake ideas on this, please comment..



  1. Thanks for visiting my cake blog!
    What type of frosting did you use on this cake? Looks yummy! I usually dip my spatula in very warm water before spreading the frosting to help it go down smooth and effortlessly. :o)

    Best wishes!

  2. Thanks Wendy - hope you can keeping checking back at this blog and giving tips like this..

    I used a walnut and pecan mix for the frosting, proportion of nut is important as you need to create the right balance of flavour.

    Glad you liked it - please comment again soon!..